Saturday, August 8, 2009

mimpi yang bengong..

i was at a hotel attending a conference..

i saw friends..
new and old...

somehow, i am still being chase, to complete my task.
somehow.. i saw the checklist, i need to do next week.
somehow in that hotel they are serving white coffee and kopi tarik..
somehow, the lift in the hotel sounds like the lift in the HOU.

and then, i was driving home..
someone i know by pass me, and i clearly saw his car.
he was driving in to my residential..
and i clearly know why.. i was driving recklessly...

then, i pass thru a sharp corner (which exist in reality)...
and i saw his car bang into a tree..
i stopped.. somebody screaming 'get help..get help'...
i was the first one to his car, i open the door, calling out his name..
and he said 'i'm going to release you......'

~i woke up, with heavy breath.. gasping for air...
i reached for my phone, to wish 'have a safe trip'..
and then i realised....

'hey, u are not a friend'........

i put down my phone and seriously, now.... i am just plain nuts!