Saturday, January 2, 2010

aiyoh... what happened??


what had happened? why suddenly everything seems in the mess... what happened to the saying that 'i would like to bang into those trees, no matter hard the trunk is....'

feeels so shitty inside that have no idea how far my body can take it..

boleh tak stop fikir for a while... u know u'll mess up sooner or later..

takper la.. maybe it's for the best....

YA ALLAH aku berserah segalanya kepadaMU..
wahai hati, minda, redha lah dengan setiap ketentuanNYA.
bukan semua benda dlm dunia nie, you are capable of.
i know it's hard to see things to go down..
but... are you willing to see it poof just like that without even trying??

~monologue of a broken heart~

oh yeah.. happy 2010. alhamdulillah.. things are ok, it's just this stupid side of me that i'm trying to get rid off, is being sooooo stubborn.


wnnurazlina said...

Hi husna....are u ok? you seem to have a mid-life crisis-wpun you baru umur 24 tahun....i think i understand how you feel....we just feel like we wanna break free and fly-away....why not save some money and go holiday somewhere alone....bcoz that's what i'm planning to do....just get get back myself....

unana said...

yeah.. should have done that...
a long time ago..
at least you are going somewhere far..
haish.. sedih gak tgk gambar kengkwan kat london etc.. but..
that's life... another chapter just begin.
*work-stress talking* =)
thanks one, for the encouragement.